Real estate in New Cairo Egypt

Real estate in new Cairo

Real estate in New Cairo Egypt is wanted by many people. Because it is a city with a total size of 30,000 hectares (70,000 acres), New Cairo is located 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Maadi on the southern fringe of the Cairo Governorate. One of the new cities that have been constructed in and around Cairo to ease the congestion in the city's center is New Cairo. So if you are one of those searching for an apartment in New Cairo for sale, then your request is here, as you will find it available in our company.

Real estate in new Cairo

By Presidential Decree Number 191, it was created in the year 2000. In New Cairo, several of Egypt's best developers have constructed thriving real estate complexes. Shopping centers, parks, and athletic associations abound in New Cairo. Studios, apartments, duplexes, penthouses, townhouses, and villas are among the real estate options for purchase and sale.

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Why do individuals search for Real estate in new Cairo?

Many individuals and those seeking for Flat for sale in new Cairo, believe New Cairo to be one of the preferred residential alternatives. One of the most beautiful and well-developed new neighborhoods there, it was constructed to lessen the heavy population congestion in central downtown Cairo. Because of its tranquility, New Cairo is regarded as the ideal alternative for people looking to unwind and get away from the hectic metropolis. Additionally, because of its elevation above sea level, it is distinguished by its lush vegetation and picturesque scenery in addition to its mild climate.

As a result, there is a greater demand for real estate in New Cairo, Egypt, or Villa for sale in New Cairo.

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