Real estate in new Alamein

Real estate in new Alamein

Why are many people looking for real estate in new Alamein? The New Alamein City is more than simply a tourist attraction on the Mediterranean coast; It is an integrated community that comprises resorts, New Alamein towns, and luxury Hotels for sale in Egypt in addition to all forms of housing owned by the public sector, the Ministry of Housing, and the private sector, which you can obtain and purchase by viewing this topic.

Real estate in New Alamein

If you are one of those looking for Property for sale in Egypt, then you are in the right place with our company, because our company provides you with this service to the fullest.

The New Alamein City consists of 14 multi-level residential districts, two coastal regions, industrial sectors covering 5,000 acres, and service areas covering 3,000 acres. Its area is approximately 49,000 acres, with a goal population of 2,000,000 people.

A total of 1,000 acres are devoted to research facilities, universities, and educational institutions in the city of New Alamein, while 5,000 acres are devoted to commercial sectors. If you are looking for land for sale in Egypt, you will get it by contacting us, as we provide you with that and more to the fullest.

Services in real estate in New Alamein

In light of the fierce competition among real estate companies, where some of them started to raise the ceiling of services in a way that makes them outside the traditional scope, one of the most notable things that raise the value of any new project may be the services and features that it offers to customers and investors. When a company excels at giving a compound more benefits, more people are drawn to invest and visit, therefore our firm became interested in offering the following services and features, such as the following:

·       Farms for sale in Egypt

·       Factory for sale in Egypt

·       Flats for sale in Egypt

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